Understand What Works
With CCTV and Why

Are you here because you want to learn more about what works with CCTV?
Thats great because  at CCTV Design we want to help you improve the quality of your CCTV solutions.
I am fed up with seeing people waste money on CCTV systems that simply don't work. Most of the time this is caused by a lack of understanding what a surveillance camera is capable of and what they acturaly what to achieve from having a surveillance system.
I might be stating the  obvious
Have you thought about what the purpose of each camera is that you have or are planing is for?
You have 4 main choices that each camera in your surveillance system is to be used for. By understanding what you want to achieve from the camera system will determine how many cameras you will need and where to place them. Would you like to know what the 4 uses are?
If Your an Installation Company
I have 27 years of experience to share with you, working from high security defence sites, through cash transport right down to the smaller 2 camera sites. 
Or a DIY Looking for Some Tips
Many DIY systems simply don't produce a result of any use. I can help you change that while keeping within a limited budget. Understanding the cameras capability and avoiding the common misconceptions that people have about CCTV.

Ways I can help you:

  • Choosing the best camera placement
  • Understanding the differences in camera technologies
  • Working with lighting
  • Cabling how-to
  • What is the right camera type for each application
  • Getting connected to the Internet
  • Providing evidence that will stand up in court
  • Selecting a recording and video management platform

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