Understand What Works
With CCTV and Why

Are you here because you want to learn more about what works with CCTV?
Thats great because I want to help you improve the quality of your CCTV solutions.
If Your an Installation Company
I have 27 years of experience to share with you, working from high security defence sites, through cash transport right down to the smaller 2 camera sites.
Or a DIY Looking for Some Tips
Many DIY systems simply don't produce a result of any use. I can help you change that while keeping within a limited budget. Understanding the cameras capability and avoiding the common misconceptions that people have about CCTV.

Either way I can help you with:

  • Choosing the best camera placement
  • Working with lighting
  • Cabling how-to
  • What is the right camera type for each application
  • Getting connected to the Internet
  • Providing evidence that will stand up in court
Start learing the improve you quality of CCTV footage
Nothing to Lose